This is a flyer for a group that offers support for new mothers.
This is a magazine article that I did for the Compleat Mother Magazine. The editor and I are having a […]
These are 3 of the 12 coordinating cards I designed the board members of a parent organization:
I do school sports posters several times a year. This one is for East Windsor High School in Connecticut. I […]
This great bakery got a new simple WordPress site that they update as needed. They focus their online efforts on […]
    This is a website that I made for local green builder. Their photo portfolio shows the amazing talent […]
Village Wool is a lovely local yarn shop in Glastonbury, CT. Pop in anytime and see what Marion has to […]
This is a site that I designed and built and maintained for about 8 years. It is for a local […] is a community based organization for parents and families. This is a WordPress CMS site, so the clients can […]
Yes! Your dog is on Facebook. Go look her up. All right, not everyone is using social media. But it […]