Print & Graphic Design

Below are a few of the print projects I have done. I do all sorts of print jobs: ads, full length magazine articles, posters, menus, flyers and business cards. I have done hundreds of print ads and can create them from your business cards, previous ads or customize them in anyway that you desire. Many of the business cards below are for website clients and compliment their site. I can design your card from scratch, match your website or incorporate your existing graphics or logo. Thank you for looking!

Sports Poster


I do school sports posters several times a year. This one is for East Windsor High School in Connecticut. I create or modify the sponsors’ ads at the bottom. I format and insert the schedule text. Then I design the background, add the pictures at the top and voilĂ ! – a poster is born.

Business Cards

Business Card for Therapist

This is a business card for a therapist. Her favorite flower is the bleeding heart, so I incorporated that into the design for the card.

dj cardA card for a New England based DJ service.


These are 3 of the 12 coordinating cards I designed the board members of a parent organization:

Shante's Card

Victoria's card

Pat's card

Magazine Articles

This isCompleat Mother a magazine article that I did for the Compleat Mother Magazine. The editor and I are having a great time working on the articles together.


Wilmington Mothers GroupThis is a flyer for a group that offers support for new mothers.